Furniture retailer Ikea is set to add smart blinds to its list of connected home products, with two types hitting the German version of its online store.

Kadrilj and Fyrtur are wireless, battery operated blinds in different sizes that can be controlled through an included remote or the same Ikea app that operates its Tradfi smart lighting.

Discovered by Dave Zatz, the two blind types are similar in operation but offer different shades of protection, in different thicknesses of material. They can also work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice control – the latter through Apple's Homekit.

They haven't yet appeared on the UK or US versions of Ikea's site, so we're not sure about a global rollout or prices. In Germany, however, they will be available from February starting at €99 for a 60 x 195cm grey version.

Each comes in a roller blind style with a rechargeable battery housed in the frame. They are cordless for "child safety".

Considering they are compatible with the Tradfi gateway, they should be able to work with automatic scenes. That means you can, for instance, close the blinds and turn on smart lighting on a timer or at the touch of just one button.

We'll bring you more when we get it.

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