You know how you can voice shop with Alexa, by simply asking the assistant to add things to your Amazon cart? Now you can do that with Google Assistant, only it will add items to your Walmart cart.

Walmart is essentially going after some of Amazon's territory. With a new “Walmart Voice Order” feature, it's essentially integrating with Google Assistant. This partnership will allow you to easily voice shop at Walmart through your Google Assistant device, whether that's your phone, smart display, or smart speaker. And there's minimal setup required to get started.

How to voice shop at Walmart using Google Assistant

Link your Walmart account

Go here and tap or click the "link" button to connect your online Walmart account to your Google Assistant account. You'll need to already be signed into your Google account that you use Assistant with, and once you tap "link" you'll then be prompted to sign into your Walmart account. From there, the two will be connected, and you'll just need to activate Walmart Voice order.

Activate Walmart Voice Order

To activate the Walmart Voice Order feature, simply say to your Google Assistant device, "Hey Google, talk to Walmart”, and then Google Assistant will be able to add items directly to your virtual Walmart shopping cart.

Here are some other phrases you can say:

  • Ask Walmart to add bananas to my cart
  • Ask Walmart to recommend milk

Add items to your cart

Once you say, "Hey Google, talk to Walmart," you can then say something like, “Add milk to my cart". Walmart sad it’ll make sure to learn the brands you love. It can even add the specific milk you regularly buy. So, instead of saying “one gallon of 1 per cent Great Value organic milk" every time to Walmart via your Google Assistant device, you can just say “milk". Easy!

From what we can tell, you're only able to order grocery items to start. Walmart said there are more than 100,000 fresh grocery items available.

Check out and delivery

You'll need to go to your online Walmart account, either on the web or through the Walmart app, to cash out and complete your purchase. It's unclear what shipping options Walmart is offering with its new Walmart Voice Order feature. We'll update you when we learn more.

Who can voice shop at Walmart?

The feature is now rolling out in the US. Walmart said "over the next few weeks," the service will roll to "more and more customers". It also said Walmart Voice Order is cross-platform, which means you can use it on any Google Assistant device. Below is a list of supported devices.

Supported devices

  • Android 6.0+ watches
  • Android 6.0+ TVs
  • Google Home
  • Android 5.0+ phones
  • iOS 10.0+ devices
  • Headphones
  • Chromebook
  • Smart Displays
  • Android 6.0+ tablets

Want to know more?

Check out Walmart's blog post for more details.

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