It's safe to say Ring's video doorbells kick-started a whole new smart home trend, allowing you to see who was at your door if you were away at work or on your travels, and speak directly to any visitors over the internet.

As we've found out ourselves at Pocket-lint – thanks to one helping identify and catch a burglar – the Ring Video Doorbell also makes a very useful security camera. Since they can be set to trigger recordings whenever they detect motion, and many models feature night vision, you can see whenever anyone comes close to your front door.

Let's say – for instance – however, you're in a position like we were and you need to be able to share that footage with the police, or you want to share on social media to help identify and find an uninvited person, you'll need to know how to get hold of those video clips.

Thankfully, the process for doing so is pretty simple.

How to download Ring doorbell footage on your phone

As mentioned, your Ring Video Doorbell records 20-30 second clips whenever it detects motion, a person or if someone presses the doorbell button. That footage is then saved to the cloud in your Ring account. You can access it to download via the app.

  • Open your Ring app
  • Tap on 'History' – this shows you all events recorded
  • Open the desired clip or event
  • On the video playback screen tap the three dots
  • Select 'Download' on the pop-up menu
  • It may ask for access to your Photos on iPhone or Files on Android – tap 'OK' or 'allow'.

Once you've gone through this process, the video file will be saved to your phone's gallery. You can share it then via any means you need to, whether it be as an email attachment or on social media.

How to download Ring doorbell footage on your Mac/PC

If you don't have access to your phone or personal mobile device, you can also download your footage directly from your Ring account by logging in through a web browser on any PC or Mac.

  • Open your web browser and go to ''.
  • Log in using your account details
  • Tap 'History' to show all recorded clips
  • Choose the clip you want and select the download icon (looks like an arrow pointing down)
  • If you get a pop-up asking permission to allow downloads, choose 'allow'

Follow this process and you'll have an MP4 video file in your downloads folder. Share it via any means that you need to.

That's pretty much it, it's a generally very easy process once you know where to find the video files. For other tips and tricks for your Ring Video Doorbell, check out our extensive guide.

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