It's clearly a week for vacuum cleaner launches. Hot on the heels of the Dyson Gen5detect, Hoover announced the Cordless Stick HF9 vacuum cleaner.

The company – which invented the vacuum cleaner – is claiming the HF9 will offer the most powerful suction to clean your entire home, offering 30 minutes of run time on its optimal setting so you don't have to stop.

The Hoover Cordless Stick HF9 has a number of features on board, including a digital display to let you know how much battery you have left in terms of run time, a single power button rather than a trigger and it will stand on its own so it doesn't need to lean up against furniture or the wall.

At the bottom of the wand, there's a button that you push with your foot to release the head, while another button releases the 0.7-litre bin. Alongside the power button, there is a mode button for when you are switching between carpet and floor and there's a turbo button that you push once to turn on and again to turn off rather than hold it.

There's an Anti-Twist head that is designed to prevent hair wrapping around the brushes and it's easy to remove the brushes too, making cleaning nice and easy.

The battery on the Hoover Cordless Stick HF9 can be removed to charge and there's fast charging on board, as well as LED lights to indicate when the battery is fully charged or charging. There are also lights on the front of the HF9's head to help when cleaning under furniture.

The Hoover Cordless Stick HF9 comes in Tulip Red and Ocean Green, and it weighs 3.4kg. There is a standard model as well as a pet model with the standard model costing £379 and the pet model costing £399.

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