A home is more than bricks and mortar; it contains a lifetime of memories. Your home is a time capsule of your and your family’s lives, and burglaries can cause damage and loss, and generally make you feel less safe in your home. Swann’s range of indoor and outdoor security cameras, the SwannBuddy video doorbell, and WiFi alert sensors help you keep an eye on all aspects of your home from anywhere in the world.

The Swann ecosystem of smart home devices is incredibly intuitive and helps you keep your home safe from all possible threats. You can monitor your home with the Swann security camera, identify movements with motion alert sensors, identify potential break-ins, receive alerts for possible signs of water leaks, and deter intruders with loud siren sounds. You can also add Swann sensors to your security system over time, making it highly flexible.

Swann security devices are particularly popular amongst renters because they don’t require hardwiring. The WiFi alert sensors can be attached and mounted using double-sided adhesives, and the cameras are battery-powered, so you don’t need to worry about drilling, hardwiring, or professional installation. Now that you have a general understanding of the Swann security ecosystem, we describe how different Swann devices can smarten up your home.

Swann Xtreem Security Camera

The Swann Xtreem Security Camera is an incredibly sophisticated battery-powered security camera that allows you to monitor your home. It comes with a pre-installed rechargeable 13,200mAh lithium battery, so it can work for several months at a stretch. You don’t have to worry about constantly recharging the camera. You can also connect the security camera to a solar panel to keep the battery charged.

The Swann Xtreem Security Camera also comes with True Detect™ heat and motion sensing, which is a sophisticated form of motion detection. Instead of simply identifying unwanted movements, which can also happen because of the wind or trembling leaves, it identifies heat signatures. Because of heat and motion sensors, the security camera’s motion alerts are only triggered when people are detected – no false alerts.

The Swann Xtreem Security Camera is an extremely sharp camera with a 110° wide-angle lens, so you receive a complete view of your property. It also features a powerful infrared night vision that can provide up to 8 meters of visibility in complete darkness. Furthermore, the inbuilt two-way intercom allows you to interact with people and potentially scare off unwanted guests or intruders.

SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

The SwannBuddy Video Doorbell is a 100% wireless video doorbell that lets you see who is approaching your front door. It captures 1080p visuals with a powerful vertical lens (1:1 ratio), so you can view the entire individual and any package they may place on the doorstep. The battery life is powerful enough to last several months without charging, and you don’t need to connect it to your home’s electrical system.

The SwannBuddy Video Doorbell also includes heat and motion sensing features. Instead of only focusing on motion, it also looks for heat signatures, thus ensuring precise motion alerts based on humans or pets. It also features sophisticated night vision – up to 5 meters in complete darkness- enough to see people at night. Furthermore, the video doorbell includes a chime unit with up to 6 different chimes.

Swann Wi-Fi Alert Sensors

The Swann Wi-Fi Alert Sensors allow you to keep your home safe from burglars and potential water leaks. All WiFi alert sensors can be connected to the indoor siren, which can release a loud siren sound when one of the sensors is triggered. Furthermore, the alert sensors can be mounted using double-sided adhesive tapes, so the installation process is completely simple. You don’t need to hardwire any of the sensors.

Swann Window/Door Alert Sensor

The Swann Window/Door Alert Sensor is a small device with two components, which can be attached to the points of entry in your home – windows and doors. When someone opens the window or door, the magnetic connection is interrupted, which instantly triggers an alert. You receive the alert on your phone, or the siren goes off, alerting you about potential intruders.

Swann Motion Alert Sensor

The Swann Motion Alert Sensor is an intelligent motion sensor with passive infrared sensors that can monitor heat and movement. If there’s an unwanted intruder around, the motion alert sensor will be triggered and release a siren sound. Since it looks at heat signature, the risk of false alerts is minimal. The motion alert sensor also monitors room temperatures to ensure your loved ones have a comfortable home.

Swann Leak Alert Sensor

The Swann Leak Alert Sensor is an extremely small sensor that can detect potential leaks before they damage your home. You can mount the sensor underneath sinks, around pipes, in bathrooms, and in other potential sources of leaks. If there’s any leak in the area, the sensor will go off, allowing you to stop the leak promptly. Leak alerts can protect your home from long-term water damage, which can be costly to repair.

Swann Indoor Siren

The Swann Indoor Siren is useful for two distinct purposes – it can inform you about potential intruders and leaks, and it can scare off burglars. The indoor siren can be connected to all other Swann devices, including motion alerts and leak alerts. Whenever one of the alert sensors is triggered, the indoor siren starts blaring loudly, which instantly grabs your attention. An indoor siren is the most effective means of deterring burglars.

A home is a treasure trove of memories and a sanctuary from the outside world, so keep it safe with Swann Security.

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