Hive has added outdoor security to its growing list of talents with the launch of the Hive View Outdoor.

The new outdoor camera follows the lead of the indoor Hive View, designed by Yves Béhar, with a similar contemporary squared and minimalist design. This time it is weatherproofed and equipped to deal with life outdoors.

Hive has chosen to make the View Outdoor mains powered, i.e., it's permanently connected to the power, rather than being battery-powered like Arlo cameras. Hive told us that the advantage that this offers is that you can have much more powerful Wi-Fi hardware onboard, for a better and more reliable connection.

The Hive View Outdoor does work as a standalone device, but will also fully integrate with your existing Hive devices and will be managed through the same Hive app as your heating.

As such, not only can the Hive View Outdoor send you notifications when it sees someone, it will record in HD and give you 24 hours of access to that content online. You can download the file, or subscribe to have longer access through the Video Playback Membership (£4.99 a month) for 30 days access.

The motion detection can be set to only alert you to people, rather than waving branches or passing cars, and there's a microphone and speaker onboard, so you could use it like an entry cam device at your front door.

But being part of a system, you can also use the Hive View Outdoor in Hive Actions, so you can have a light turn on when motion is detected, for example.

The Hive View Outdoor will cost you £179 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon. It will be shipping from early December.

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