Marshall has added two new portable speakers to its range of small-format Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers. The new speakers are the $250/£220 Stockwell II (pictured above) and the large, 35cm-tall $400/£350 Tufton which slot in either side of the $300/£270 Kilburn II launched at IFA 2018.

All are Bluetooth 5.0 only and, while they don't have Wi-Fi or other inputs save from a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, they are designed for use on the move rather than in the home. The 1.4kg Stockwell II also has USB-C for charging, which you can also use to connect up a phone and charge it.

You can connect more than one device at a time, while all also have over 20 hours of playback (fast charging means you can also charge them for 20 minutes to give you several hours of playback). Each speaker also has the now-traditional trio of amplifier-style knobs for volume, bass and treble.

All have some degree of water resistance, with the 16cm-high Stockwell II being the best of the lot with IPX4 certification meaning that it's resistant in all directions. They also have a hardy silicone outer which is scratch resistant.

The solid 4.9kg Tufton has a 40W amp for the woofer, two 15W amps for the full-range drivers and one 10W amp for the tweeters while Stockwell II has a 10W woofer amp and two 5W amps for the tweeters.

Stockwell II and Kilburn II are available in black and grey, while Tufton is available in grey only.

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