We've thought a replacement for the standard Google Home smart speaker has been in the works for some time and now it appears it will be with us later this month.

Recent leaks via regulatory filings prompted Google to release a teaser for the speaker, which is thought to be called Google Nest Home, following the naming convention adopted by other Google Assistant devices from Google itself, such as the Google Nest Mini.

According to well-known leaker Roland Quandt, the device will cost around 100 Euros – so would fit nicely into the before-discount price of the outgoing speaker at $99/£89. Quandt also adds that it should be with us before the end of August; it certainly makes sense that it would launch sooner rather than later.

As shown in the earlier leaks and Google's main teaser image above, the speaker looks far more of a tactile fabric-covered device than the outgoing speaker. The device has a very clean design; there appears to be a single button – presumably to invoke Google Assistant if you don't want to use your voice – plus a power input.

The existing Google Home is available at a discount now, so snap it up while you still can:


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