The Roborock S5 Max is, straight up, one of the best robot vacuums we've ever tested – it's got absolutely loads of things going for it, as we'll explain in a bit more detail further below. As you probably know, though, Amazon's got its huge Prime Day sale on right now.

We love it when these sale events throw up discounts on products that we would anyway recommend to our readers wholeheartedly, so it's great news that the Roborock S5 Max has got a chunky discount for Prime Day, slashing 20% off its price and bringing it down to $439.99. Whether you've got a robot vacuum that might be on its last legs, or are looking to get one for the first time, here are some reasons why the S5 Max could be the perfect fit for you.

Cleaning power

Anyone who's tried a range of robot vacuums knows that one of the keys to their worth is how powerful they are – after all, the number one thing you want from a cleaner is deep cleaning that saves you from having to do the work yourself. We'll get onto some of the fancier features Roborock's equipped the S5 Max with shortly, but the real key to its success is power, pure and simple.

That means in practise that it has suction so powerful it can pick up objects as big as AA batteries, which is more useful to most of us as a metric than complicated figures about pressure and power usage. It'll make sure that your carpets and floors are left completely clean, which means that you can get on with whatever else you want to do with your days.

Mopping up

Something that marks the Roborock S5 Max apart from many other robot vacuum cleaners, though, is that it's not just limited to vacuuming when it comes to cleaning. It's also got a sophisticated mopping system that you can easily activate and set going by filling its water tank.

It's perfect if you have some hard flooring in your home, and means that you can get them polished up and just as clean as the S5 Max leaves your carpets. Plus, in case you're worried about how much ground you can expect it to cover, don't stress – the S5 Max can get through 2,000 square feet of floor before it needs a water top-up, making it massively efficient. A spring-loaded system is working behind the scenes to make sure that it keeps even pressure as it moves around, too, to make for a consistent finish left in its wake.

Smart sensors

Finally, though, we thought we'd turn to the hidden bits that make the magic happen for the S5 Max – its unbelievable sensors. Roborock are specialists at making sure that their vacuums can map out your home accurately and quickly, and the S5 Max absolutely excels on this front.

Unlike some other competitors, you don't need to provide it with a map of your home, nor do you need to put magnetic strips down to guide it. Instead, it'll make a virtual map of its own as it moves around, learning the shape of your home and constantly adapting its paths to make sure that it's cleaning in the most efficient and effective way possible. The sensors are so accurate that it knows when it moves from hard flooring to a carpet, too, and can adjust its suction accordingly.

These are just some of the smart features on board, too – there's also compatibility with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make sure that a cleaning routine can be just a voice command away at any time.

If that sort of relaxing shortcut to cleanliness around your home, and the great features we've detailed above, sound enticing to you, this sale really isn't to be missed. The S5 Max rarely gets discounted at all, let alone by more than $100. For two days, it's 20%, bringing its price down to $439.99 from $549, so make sure you pounce before the end of 14 October to take advantage. As with Amazon's whole Prime Day event, you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage.

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