Govee has announced its latest generation of RGB LED strip lights, and it promises to brighten up your home with the highest lumens available on a 5-metre strip.

Dubbed the Govee LED Strip Light M1, the latest generation utilises increased LED density to provide better and brighter effects.

The strip has ten segments with 60 light beads per metre, compared to four segments and 24 beads per metre on previous models.

It benefits from a pre-installed control box that uses a custom algorithm to sync the lights to music and ambient sound, with 11 pre-set modes to choose from.

It also works with the brand's DreamView mode, which allows it to sync effects with the other Govee smart lights in your system.

As always, there are standard lighting effects like fade, twinkle, stream and flow, as well as custom modes.

If you wish, you can combine two kits and make a 10-metre long strip that'll really make an impact.

As you might expect, the LED Strip Light M1 works with Govee's usual Home App, and this allows it to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We've been impressed with how easy it is to integrate Govee's previous smart lights into our smart home ecosystem, so we're expecting more of the same from this latest release.

If you're keen to add some LED goodness to your home, the M1 is available today at a price of $99.99.

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