Following on from the excitement of Summer Game Fest 2022 and in the run-up to Gamescom, Razer and Govee have revealed that you can now get more synced RGB lighting for your gaming space.

The companies have combined forces to make a number of Govee's smart lights compatible with Razer Chroma RGB so gamers can enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience.

We've seen support for Phillips Hue lights and Razer Chroma in the past, but now it's Govee's turn. Govee's founder and CEO Eric Wu spoke about the partnership:

"We are so excited for our collaboration with Razer, and we can’t wait to introduce this 360° gaming ecosystem with next-level immersive gaming experience to all gamers."

The idea here is to combined Govee's lights with the Razer Chroma RGB ecosystem so that the lights in your gaming area react to various in-game situations, changing colour and adjusting to add to the immersion. Assuming you're playing Chroma-compatible games, this should be a pleasant experience for all gamers.

From 6 July, the following products will support the new integration:

Govee has said that more lights will follow with updated support in the future too. Find out more about the partnership here.

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