Google is holding a hardware showcase at the end of the month that'll be online-only, and one of the products that the company has already confirmed it is working has now leaked online. WinFuture has posted images of the Nest Audio, giving us a closer look at the smart speaker.

Rumours of a new Nest speaker (it's believed that it will launch under the Nest brand) first appeared in June. It later passed through a couple of regulatory bodies, including the FCC as well as the Japanese equivalent, which contained images shared online, giving us a complete look at the speaker.

Google responded in July, by providing official images and a video to confirm its working on a new speaker. Now, the company is expected to unveil it during its 30 September 2020 event alongside the Pixel 5 smartphones and a Chromecast.

WinFuture said the new smart speaker will likely be called Nest Audio. Its grille fabric is supposed to be durable and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It'll feature Google Assistant's four LEDs on the front to indicate when it is listening. If you ever want to deactivate the speaker's microphones, you can just hit the physical switch on the rear. Two Nest Audio speakers can also reportedly be paired to provide a stereo speaker experience.

Google Nest Audio is expected to cost around €100 Euros, which converts to around £91. It will only be available in Charcoal and Chalk colours.

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