Google has announced its Nest Hello video doorbell will now be able to detect a package on your doorstep and send you an alert if it spots one.

Nest Hello already offers people detection, as well as familiar face alerts – if you have a Nest Aware subscription – but the new package detection feature will mean the Nest Hello can scan your doorstep for packages and parcels and alert you if it identifies one.

It means users won't have to scroll through motion alerts and watch video clips in the Nest app to see if the package they've been waiting for has arrived or not.

According to the Google "Techspert" who revealed the new feature, package detection was one of the most requested features from Nest Hello users and employing machine learning to introduce the feature eliminates the tedious task of waiting around for a delivery.

The package detection feature is available as an over-the-air update, which is available to US owners with a Nest Aware subscription and it rolls out as of 27 August 2019. Sadly, it is currently not a feature available for UK Nest Hello owners but we will keep you updated if we hear of it coming to this side of the pond.

For now, you can read our Nest Hello tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Google Nest video doorbell.

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