For years, Google has been developing an operating system known as Fuchsia, but little was known about what types of devices it would one day power. Well, it's apparently now live and can be found running on the first-generation Nest Hub from 2018.

As first reported by 9to5Google, Google has confirmed it is rolling out an update over the coming months to the Nest Hub that will replace the Linux-based “Cast OS” with Fuchsia OS, which Google has quietly tinkered with since at least 2016. It's an under-the-hood update, meant first for those in Google's Preview Program. Eventually, Fuchsia OS will be more broadly available.

Google's technical lead on Fuchsia, Petr Hosek, tweeted on Tuesday: "You don't ship a new operating system every day, but today is that day".

The switch to Fucshia won't be noticeable in any way for consumers of Google's smart display, as the interface and experience will remain the same. Nevertheless, Google is moving slowly with the rollout, because it's not a simple update. Google wants to test the OS on real-world products before it barrels ahead with replacing Cast OS on more Made for Google devices.

Keep in mind Fuchsia is not only designed for smart home devices but could also be used one day for desktops and smartphones.

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