Google has dropped the price of Google Wifi, its add-on mesh network device, which may mean a new model is on the way. It's now down to £99 in the UK and $99 in the US.

Mesh networks are designed to boost signal across larger homes or spaces where a router's standard range isn't good enough or where there are dead spots.


One Google Wifi acts as the main unit and plugs into your modem or router via a wired Ethernet cable. You can then turn off the Wi-Fi on your main router and use the Google Wifi network instead. Other Google Wifi units work as slave devices but effectively create one big seamless network so your devices don't need to change from one network to another as you move around your home.

The Google Wifi three-pack is down to £279 from £329 and the two-pack is down to £189 from £229.


As always, we recommend you check whether a mesh network is the best solution for you. If you have a 3-4 bedroom family home, a 802.11ac router should provide adequate coverage. If you have an older router, you may find that upgrading the router itself is the best solution for better Wi-Fi coverage.

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