While all eyes will be trained on Google's flagship phone series at the Pixel 7 launch event in October, Google has said that the phones will not be the only products being unveiled at the announcement.

In its placeholder page announcing the event, the company says that it will also be showing off "the latest smart home devices from Nest" as well.

Given its use of the word "introduce", we can relatively safely assume this will be new, not yet announced hardware and not just a refresh of its most recent products.

As for what those new Nest devices might be, we're unsure. 9to5Google, who spotted this phrase and reported it, suggests it could be a few different products.

That could mean we'll see a second generation wired Nest Doorbell, as well as a Wi-Fi 6E capable Nest Wifi mesh/router system. Away from the Nest brand, it's also suggested we could see a new, cheaper Chromecast HD TV streaming dongle.

With Wi-Fi 6E being the new 'thing' in wireless connectivity for the home, it's a safe bet for Google to add this future-proofing connectivity to the home.

Amazon's Eero mesh system already offers it, and we've seen a number of smartphone and laptop manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung start implementing support for this 6GHz Wi-Fi band into their mobile devices already.

So far, however, it does come with something of a Wi-Fi 6E tax attached, so if it does launch, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Nest Wifi system become a little more expensive.

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