Google's Home Mini is a great little device, offering the power of Google Assistant in a small, puck-like speaker. It's the smallest in the Google Home portfolio, followed by the Google Home, Home Max, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max and its successor has just been announced.

Called the Nest Mini – which makes sense given the Home Hub rebrand to Nest Hub and the launch of the Nest Hub Max – this is everything you need to know about the second generation of the Home Mini.

Google Nest Mini release date and price

  • Pre-order from 15 October 2019
  • Available 22 October
  • $50

The Google Nest Mini was announced at Google's Made by Google event in New York City on 15 October.

The device is available to pre-order from 15 October and it will be available to buy from 22 October.

The Nest Mini will cost $49, which is the same as the Google Home Mini launched at.

Google Nest Mini design

  • Similar to Home Mini
  • Integrated wall mount
  • More sustainable

The second generation of Google Home Mini follows a similar form factor to its predecessor. Based on Google's presentation, the Nest Mini appears to be around the same size as the Home Mini (42 x 98mm, 173g). It is circular in shape and appears to remain nice and compact.

The Nest Mini offers a built-in wall mount though – something the current Home Mini requires an accessory for. Like the previous Home Mini, there's a material cover over a plastic base, but the Nest Mini's cover is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles, making it more sustainable than the older model.

The Nest Mini will be available in four colours, including a new Sky Blue colour. Rock Candy, Anthracite and Coral options were also mentioned. The physical mute button for the microphone remains.

Google Nest Mini features

  • Google Assistant
  • Speaker
  • Proximity awareness

The Google Nest Mini offers the same functionality as the Home Mini, meaning Google Assistant and all the features that come with Assistant.

That means you'll be able to use the "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" wake words to ask the Nest Mini to control a compatible smart home device, find out what the weather is like, play your favourite music or ask a question you want an answer too, among plenty of other things, like using Duo to call anyone in the world for free.

The Nest Mini is also a speaker. It isn't as powerful as the Google Home, or other Google Assistant speakers, but it will still be able to play the radio or Ed Sheeran's greatest hits, like the Home Mini can.

Rumours also claimed the Nest Mini will have proximity awareness however, allowing the Nest Mini to reveal volume levels when it is approached, for example. Google didn't detail anything about this in its presentation though.

Google Nest Mini hardware and specs

  • Sound improvements
  • More bass
  • Faster Assistant results

The current Google Home Mini has a 40mm speaker driver and it features Bluetooth, Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. We'd expect the Nest Mini to offer all the same hardware, though Google claims the new device gets an upgrade in the sound department.

The company didn't detail the speaker specifics, but it has said the Nest Mini would offer 2x stronger bass and clearer sound than its predecessor. It also said there was a third microphone to pick up your voice in louder environments, and a dedicated machine learning chip is also on board to deliver faster Google Assistant results.

Google Nest Mini rumours: What happened?

This is everything we heard about the Google Nest Mini prior to its official launch.

15 October 2019: Google Nest Mini details and images leaked in full ahead of launch

WinFuture posted a number of press renders and marketing images of the Google Nest Mini, along with some details on its features. The site claimed the device would be identical in measurements to the Google Home Mini but it would have a built-in wall mount and the fabric would be made from recycled plastic.

The report also said the Nest Mini would have built-in Chromecast support, along with 15W of power.

23 September 2019: Google Pixel 4 and Nest Mini appear on retailer listing early, with prices

The Google Nest Mini appeared on Irish retailer Elara in two colours – Rock Candy and Anthracite. The retailer also listed the price of the new speaker at €59.94, which works out around £53. We expect Google to launch the Nest Mini at £49.99 though.

12 September 2019: New Google Nest Mini speaker with wall mount pops up at FCC

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing includes an illustration of the rumoured Nest Mini showing the integrated wall mount and audio-out port.

The illustration shows a round device, like the current Home Mini, and it doesn't offer anymore detail on what the top of the new device might look like, what features it might offer or what hardware is under its hood.

22 August 2019: Google working on second-gen Nest Mini with better sound, wall mount and 3.5mm jack

A report from 9to5Google claimed Google was working on a second-generation Home Mini called the Nest Mini. It said the device would offer a similar form factor as the current model but it would deliver a sound upgrade, built-in wall mount and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The report also mentioned proximity awareness in the second but said the device would offer the same features as the current model.

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