At Google I/O, the company has announced that the Nest brand is being deeper integrated into Google, effectively combining Nest and Google Home brands together.

That brings about the launch of Google's latest piece of hardware – the Google Nest Hub Max – but it also means there will be some rebranding taking place. The Google Home Hub becomes the Google Nest Hub, for example.

The idea is to add simplicity and convenience, meaning the users don't need a separate Nest account – everything can be managed through a main Google account. With Google and Nest having a hand-in-glove relationship in the domestic space, it makes perfect sense.

Google says that this arrangement will lead to greater security, thanks to Google's account controls and two-factor authentication, with a core focus on privacy and making sure that you know exactly what's happening to your data and how the different parts of your device works.

The latest Google device features a Nest camera built-in, adding that functionality to a 10-inch smart display and really fusing the hardware of these two families. Using Nest Aware, you'll be able to use the Google Nest Hub Max as an indoor security camera, for example.

For a Google user this makes perfect sense, meaning that it should be simpler and more seamless to manage your devices moving forwards.

The new Google Nest Hub Max will launch in July 2019 priced at £219, but it knocks down the prices of the other devices too. The Google Nest Hub will be £119, while the Google Home will become £89. You can find the best prices for all the Google smart home devices in our Google Home deals round-up.

From the developer point of view that also means that the Works with Nest programme will be closed down to focus on Works with Assistant instead.

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