As part of a thread of announcements teased on Twitter, Google has released details on Nest Renew, a service that will work with Nest thermostats to help users in the U.S. tap into cleaner and less expensive energy sources, and reduce their carbon footprint.

The service, which comes out of early preview today, will automatically shift your heating and cooling usage to times when you can maximise clean energy sources in your area, like wind and solar, instead of that created by coal and gas.

As well as this Energy Shift feature, Nest thermostat users will also get access to monthly challenges, energy saving tips, and the ability to extend their positive impact by directing Nest Renew funds to nonprofit partners through the Energy Impact Program.

It's free to join at its basic level, however there is also Nest Renew Premium, which goes one step further and matches the fossil fuel electricity used in your home with enough clean energy to cover the average U.S. household. This is done with purchases of renewable energy credit from U.S. wind and solar, and will cost $10 per month.

Both should have a positive impact on both the environment and your bills, which is a win/win from where we're standing. U.S customers can join now with no need to change utility provider. Here's hoping for a wider roll out soon.

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