If you're a Google One subscriber in the UK then there's a free gift waiting for you. Yes, Google is literally giving away the Google Home Mini as a benefit for Google One customers, but only until 3 October.

Google One is the service that Google is now using to manage additional storage on your Google Account. Moving away from branding it as Google Drive, it's a subscription service that bundles up storage and a range of additional extras.

Many of those who paid for additional Google Drive space were prompted to move over to Google One towards the end of 2018, but you really need to install the app on your phone (Google Play), which will give you a reminder that you have a "benefit".

That benefit is a free Google Home Mini, and all you have to do is click on the offer to redeem it, which takes you through to the Google Store. At the checkout the £49 discount will be applied and you get your free smart speaker.

It's certainly one way of getting Google Home Mini speakers into homes, but we suspect this might be Google clearing out stock before the launch of a new device on 15 October. There's been rumours that there will be a new Home Mini announced alongside the Pixel 4.

We will of course bring you all the details of that launch when it happens, but for now, check your Google One account and see if you can snap up a free Home Mini now.

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