Google has bought into security firm ADT in the US, meaning that Nest devices are now able to become more tightly integrated with pro-level home security like burglar and fire alarms.

ADT has over 6 million customers in the US who tap into the Google Nest ecosystem.

ADT's technicians will fit Google Nest security gear as part of an overall package, while ADT subscribers will also get access to the Nest Aware service which gives you 30 days of recordings.

In its blog post to announce the tie-up, Google says that Nest devices will "become the cornerstone of ADT’s smart home offering" in due course. Presumably, that means that Google's tech will replace ADT's own-branded cameras and doorbell, for example.

Google has dabbled with security devices aside from cameras but hasn't made them stick while it also killed off the Works with Nest platform.

In contrast, it's seen rival Amazon go to town with the number of devices under the Ring umbrella which has seemed like a much more cohesive smart home security offering for some time now.

Google will own 6.6 percent of ADT after the deal is concluded later in 2020.

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