Walmart, B&H Photo, Target and Best Buy are offering a 25 per cent discount on the Google Home Max this March.

With a hefty $100 saving, Home Max will now be an incredible $299! Considering the Max usually retails for $399 that's not a bad deal.

View offers for Google Home Max on Walmart | B&H Photo | Target | Best Buy

If you're thinking about upgrading your smart home with more devices, or just starting off in the smart home world then this is a great offer.

There are plenty of reasons to purchase multiple Google Home devices and scatter them around your home too, so we'd highly recommend considering it.

If you're going to bed and you forgot to turn the thermostat down, you can ask the Google Homes on your bedside table to do so.

Go downstairs in the morning and ask Homes to turn the lights on, and then walk into the kitchen and ask the third Home for the morning's news update.

These little AI-powered assistants are a wonderful addition to any modern home and an incredible bargain at this price.

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