Google has finally introduced the larger of its smart speakers to the UK.

The Google Home Max has been a big hit in the US, adding four drivers and six Class D amplifiers to the same Google Assistant voice control you get on the standard Google Home. Of course, it also adds a fair amount onto the price too.

However, that's because it is designed to be the home's main sound system.

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Two 4.5-inch high-excursion dual voice-coil woofers and two 0.7 inch custom tweeters provide oomph and mid to high-range frequencies respectively, ensuring that music played through the speaker will fill a room yet retain clarity.

It also sports Google's proprietary Smart Sound technology, which uses artificial intelligence to adapt the audio signature to your environment. It will adjust depending on where you place the Max, dynamically tuning itself whenever it is moved.

As well as Google Assistant control and interaction, the Home Max is compatible with multiple streaming services, including Google's own YouTube Music and Google Play Music, plus Deezer and Spotify. It supports Bluetooth and has a physical auxiliary port so you can plug in an external source.

The Google Home Max is available in the UK now, from the Google Store and John Lewis. It is priced at £399.

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