Google could be preparing to replace the aging Google Home speaker, if details coming from the FCC are to be believed.

There's been a couple of new pieces of information appearing relating to a new Google Home-style speaker, thought to be launching under the Nest brand. That move was first reported back in June, but we've now seen details submitted to the FCC – the US' wireless communication authority – relating to a device called GXCA6.

Droid Life speculated that this could be something to do with the new Google TV dongle, but the details suggest that it's a smart speaker because it's both a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi device and the new details don't seem to match previous leaks for this dongle.

Recently certified by the FCC, here is our first look at GXCA6, the new @Google Nest Speaker, replacing the original Google Home.

— Android TV Guide (@androidtv_rumor) July 9, 2020

Also claiming to be from the FCC comes images reported to be of a new Google speaker device. The measurements suggest this is about the same sort of size as the old Google Home and the design language seems to fit with recent Google devices.

We do need to treat these images with some caution however as there's no source link (the FCC is mentioned, but these images are not on the FCC site, likely removed for confidentiality reasons) and this isn't a source that we're familiar with, so these could well be fake.

However, there's obviously something lining up from Google. The Google Home speaker is one of the oldest devices in Google's portfolio and we're expecting an update for it, so that leads us to believe this might be what we're looking at.

Google has also been reported to be launching the Google Pixel 4a and a new TV dongle, but there's been no sign of these devices despite various regulatory filings. Perhaps July is going to be the month where Google finally delivers some new hardware.

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