Google is rolling out an update that will see multi-room control on Nest devices.

It's already possible to manually group Nest devices together in order to play the same music on different speakers at the same time, but the update will allow users to group Nest speakers, displays and Chromecasts in real time, making multi-room audio much easier.

When the update arrives, Nest device users will see an icon in the bottom left corner of their screen when any audio content is playing, allowing them to then add or remove other Nest devices throughout your home.

It means you could have Spotify playing your favourite Ed Sheeran song on your Nest Hub Max in the kitchen, tap the icon to add your Nest Hub in the bedroom and Ed will follow you upstairs.

If you wanted to do that prior to the update being rolled out, you'd either have to use the Stream Transfer feature that allows you to ask Google to move your music to another room, or manually group Nest devices together.

To manually group Nest speakers together, you have to go into the Google Home app, tap on the "+" at the top, create a speaker group and tick the devices you want to group together. It's easy to do – when you know how – but it's more effort than just tapping an icon in real time when music is already playing.

The multi-room control works with most audio apps, including Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora. It will roll out to Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and other Google Assistant Smart Displays from 18 August, followed by the Google Home app later this year.

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