If you've been after a new Echo Dot, then there's no better time to get one than today; the latest version of the smart speaker is available for… wait for it… under $1.

The third generation of the Amazon Echo Dot is available for just 99 cents when you sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited Plan offer, which costs $9.99 a month.

This purchase gives you access to use your voice to call on Amazon's own music streaming service and with over 50 million songs and ad-free music – not too shabby!

The Echo Dot is the one of the most compact and cheapest ways to bring a complete Alexa device to a room in your house. It's usually priced at around $58, so it's quite a bargain. T

It's worth noting that purchasing this deal will mean you'll be paying out for Amazon Music Unlimited on a monthly basis, but you're free to cancel that at any time. This deal on one of the niftiest small smart home speakers around includes the choice of a variety of colours including Charcoal, Heather Gray or Sandstone.

Alas, the offer also does not apply to the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock.


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