The Echo Show 5 has only been around for a few months but Amazon has absolutely obliterated its price for the Black Friday sales.

The tiny-but-brilliant smart display will set you back just £49.99 on Amazon UK for the next few days. That's a saving of £30 on the usual price of £79.99 or a 40 percent discount.


The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a smaller version of the original Echo Show smart assistant with a screen. As such there's full Alexa support.

Sub-£50 is a really great price, especially considering the device is so new, and with such aggressive pricing it's clear that Amazon wants to push Alexa as a visual service as well as an audio one.

Echo Show 5 sports a 940 x 480 5.5-inch display and is ideal as a bedside smart alarm clock or kitchen helper – with step-by-step recipes from BBC Good Food.

You can also video call over Skype or listen to Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn Radio and Apple Music.

Echo Show 5 can also be used to control smart home devices, including a Ring doorbell, which will show you who is at your front door and even let you speak to them directly.

Since releasing the Echo Show 5, Amazon has also debuted the Echo Show 8 which went on sale yesterday.


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