Samsung has previewed a smaller version of its Galaxy Home smart speaker at its 2019 developer conference.

The Galaxy Home Mini was previously tested in Korea – which Koreans could sign up for on Samsung's site, but now it has been seen in the flesh, photographed below by SamMobile.

Again powered by Samsung-owned AKG, the speaker also has volume up and down touch controls on the fabric at the top, as well as a mic mute button and an action button to invoke Bixby (just like the Amazon Echo has for physically calling up Alexa).

The SDC 2019 sighting and Korean test programme follows a long list of rumours and regulatory evidence (such as from the US's FCC) pointing to a smaller version of the AKG-powered speaker with the Bixby voice assistant on board.

However, there's something a bit odd and that's the absence of the full-size version of Galaxy Home. That speaker was first announced at last year's Galaxy Note 9 event over 14 months ago and we're still waiting for it.

We did see it in some kind of action at CES 2019 in January – we could make a request for Bixby to play some music from Spotify, for example, but it wasn't a full demo and it was clear that Samsung felt it wasn't ready for us to check out fully.

We now believe that both speakers will be available in retail stores fairly soon.

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