If you want your home to be clean and have that futuristic feel, a robot vacuum should top your shopping list.

Lucky for you, there’s no better time to act than now. Roborock, the leading store specialized in robot vacuums, is celebrating its 8th anniversary with some amazing deals. If you act fast, you can get your hands on one of their premium products at a seriously reduced price.

Let’s check out the deals so you can take your pick and get the most out of the anniversary offer.

Roborock Anniversary Deals


The S7 brings robot vacuuming to the next level. Its mop is equipped with powerful advanced features like sonic vibration and intelligent lifting, and its floating brush can move in multiple directions.

Besides LiDAR navigation, the S7 can map out the space in several levels and be programmed not to mop or even enter certain zones. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, this robot vacuum can recognize carpets and adjust accordingly.

At every other time of the year, you could get the S7 for $649.99. Now, it’s on discount for $409.99 or 37%.


Like the Q5+, the S7+ represents a boosted variant of the base model.

This amazing robot vacuum takes the S7 to the next level with the auto-empty dock function and several other additional capabilities. It can collect dust automatically and keep it out of the air with a special multi-layer filtration system. As a result, the S7+ can go almost two months without emptying.

The usual price for this model is $949.98. However, you can grab the deal and get the S7+ for only $679.99 – a 28% discount

S7 MaxV

When the manufacturer takes an already powerful vacuum like the S7 and ads “Max” to the name, you know you’ve got a serious device on your hands.

Representing the further evolution of the S7, the S7 MaxV has more than double the suction power. It’s equipped with high-end obstacle avoidance AI and hazard recognition. As a special treat, the S7 MaxV also supports video calls in real-time.

This robot vacuum retails for $859.99. With the 26% discount applied, you can have it for $639.99.

S7 MaxV Ultra

With the S7 MaxV Ultra, we’re truly in the heavy-hitter territory. Essentially, this is the S7 MaxV on steroids, with just as powerful algorithms and suction and enhanced features.

The S7 MaxV Ultra has a fully automated dock with seamless empty-wash-fill functionality. Due to support for off-peak charging, this robot vacuum can run for hours on end. However, it’s so powerful there’ll rarely be any need for such a long work time.

The S7 MaxV Ultra is priced at $1,399.99, while the discount price is $1,059.99 or 24%.


As an exception in this list, the Dyad isn’t a robot vacuum. Rather, it’s a highly functional vacuum cleaner.

But this isn’t your regular vacuum cleaner – it’s a wet and dry model with dual rollers and an astonishing suction power of 13,00 Pa. The Dyad also boasts a 5,000 mAh battery and a massive water tank. Its brush covers 180 degrees and cleans with the entire surface, edge to edge. In addition to all this, this vacuum cleaner has three different cleaning mode settings and multiple cleaning scenes.

The regular price for the Dyad is $449.99. If you catch the anniversary deal with a 27% discount, the vacuum cleaner is on sale for $329.99.

S7 MaxV Ultra & Dyad

If you read about the S7 MaxV Ultra and the Dyad and don’t know which one to get first, this final offer makes things easy. You can get both in a bundle for an amazing price.

The standard price for the S7 MaxV Ultra & Dyad set is $1,849.98. But with the discount of 28%, you can get both devices for $1,339.99. In other words, you’ll get these two excellent vacuum cleaners for the regular price of the S7 MaxV Ultra.


The Q5 has everything you could need from a robot vacuum. It’s a high-power gadget equipped with the latest tech to assist the robot in navigating your home. The robot vacuum has specialized LiDAR navigation and sensor array. It supports 3D mapping and features advanced adaptive algorithms for routing. Q5 is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

The Q5 regularly costs $429.99, but for this anniversary, Roborock has brought the price down to $329.99. This means the discount is 23%.


As the name suggests, Q5+ is the upgraded version of Q5. This robot vacuum has all of the features present in the base model plus some.

One of its greatest advantages is the auto dust emptying functionality which makes the vacuum easier to maintain. With this function, the Q5+ doesn’t have to be emptied as often. Even better, there’s a quality washable air filter to ensure the model’s long service life.

The Q5+ usually goes for $699.99. With the anniversary discount of 21%, its price is $549.99.

Act fast to catch these deals

It’s important to note that all Roborock anniversary deals is active from August 29 to September 2, except for one. If you want to get the S7 MaxV Ultra at a discount, you don't have long – this particular deal is valid from August 29-31.

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