Robot vacuum cleaners are the future. Except, even better, you can buy one now. Here are five reasons why you should.

Ultimate convenience

As robots improve, they will be faster, last longer between charges and be cleverer. Already, robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most brilliant examples of the smart home, a device you can leave to do something productive while you're out at work, so your home is spotless when you get back. It's not that vacuuming is the most difficult task around, but not doing it at all is obviously much easier. More importantly, you're not devoting significant time to the job, so that frees you up to do more of the stuff you need to.

Ultimate hygiene

A robot vacuum cleaner means that instead of one big vacuuming session once a week, your cleaner can do its job every day, or even more than once a day.

A pristine, just-vacuumed floor is enjoyable to look at, but may be followed by a sense of disappointment days later as the dust reappears. A robot ensures your floors are cleaned more often, which is more hygienic. Since some robot cleaners have filters to eliminate allergens, and they're working so frequently, they can be a boon to allergy sufferers. In the future, they'll be even more hygienic, too.

It does a better job

Oh, and because the robot follows a careful pattern it shouldn't leave any part of the floor unswept, while we humans can forget to do some bits and not realise we've missed a spot until the vacuum cleaner has been put away. In that sense, it may even do a better job of leaving the place spotless than you do. This is especially true if you have pets, whose individual hairs, gently shed as they trot round the house, can be hard to spot.

It can creep into hard-to-reach areas

Sometimes, there are places we miss from time to time. Did you forget to vacuum up every speck of dust under the bed, right at the back? Is the chest of drawers in slightly the wrong place so that vacuuming under it means you have to angle the cleaner's wand just right, and even then, you miss a bit? These are ways the robot vacuum cleaner scores high marks – and with no risk of you putting your back out as you reach down.

The price is right

Although when robot vacuum cleaners first arrived they were uniformly horrifically expensive, the barrier is coming down because companies like Roborock are already able to offer premium quality but without premium pricing. Take the Roborock S5, which is highly versatile. Not only does it sweep the floor, it cleans it with controlled water release and then mops up after itself, too. It filters impurities out of the water to ensure there are no blockages and the mopping cloth is designed to reach the edges of the room so it's clean all the way round.

It's advanced, too, with a laser range sensor to build a real-time map of each room, so it can then plot a route round the edges of the area and then zig-zag back and forth to cover every inch. A smartphone app lets you create customised cleaning areas, too.

Finally, it's powerful enough to pick up everything from dust to millet and soya beans. It could even scoop up AA batteries. We'd recommend those batteries should be disposed of in recycling banks, but it certainly shows how powerful the Roborock S5 is. Really, the only thing it doesn't help with is planning what to do with the time it'll save you.

Roborock S5 Review on Pocket-lint


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