Home security isn't something to be taken lightly. At the end of the day, it's the safety of you and your family that you're taking into consideration. One of the best ways to increase it is through a smart security camera.

And one of the best you can get is the ANNKE W300. It's packed with a number of super useful features that make sure you can rest easy at night knowing that if anything stirs, you'll know about it.


The ANNKE W300 goes a step above the old blurry images of the past thanks to its 1/2.9’’ image sensor and 3.6mm lens. It delivers a High-Fidelity 2K Super HD image, recording videos in a resolution that will look crisp and clear on any screen. It uses Wide Dynamic Range, Digital Noise Reduction, and to ensure your image is never distorted, day or night.

Because security is most important at night, the ANNKE W300 has 100ft/30m depth of view night vision. The two infrared LEDs work with the IR-Cut Filter and other ambient lights to increase the night vision, allowing for a clear image. Combine that with a wide 70º field of vision, nothing can hide in the dark.

The ANNKE W300 features 24-hour recording or motion detection using an onboard TF card (Micro SD) of up to 256GB for free 20 days of rolling storage. You can also connect your W300 to the ANNKE WS200 System for both 24/7 recording and motion detection without needing to connect to the internet so you're always able to get that added level of assurance.

The video H.264+ compression ensures you don't run out of space, while still maintain a high-quality image. You'll need less storage space to hold a large amount of footage.

If you head out for the night, or even during the day, you can always access your cameras through your smartphone. And you don't even need to grab your phone, as it's got Alexa voice control available.

With the two-way audio, you can even have a chat with whoever is nearby the camera. If there's a delivery or a neighbour has come by to say hi, you can have a quick conversation through the W300. The cameras work with a 50 ft to 100 ft WIFI connection range.

The ANNKE W300 not only records at a fantastic 2K resolution – capturing everything around it – but the Motion Alerts feature will send Push Notifications to your phone or device if something moves in front of the camera. But it won't be sending you any videos of bumblebees or squirrels, because the advanced AI Human Shape Detection can tell if it's the puppy destroying your flower patch or a person up to no good.

To get started, just plug the camera into an outlet, download the free app, and set the camera up on your phone, and it's good to go. You get free email alerts too.

The metal housing around the W300 is built for any weather condition. It has a waterproof rating of IP66, so can withstand anything short of a swim. And it's rated to withstand a low of -4 °F / -20 °C and a high of 140 °F / 60 °C. If you're living in either of those conditions, you'll probably break before it does.

So, if you're looking to increase the security around your home and make sure your family is safer than ever before, the ANNKE W300 is well worth a look. It's available now on their site or at Amazon.


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