Prime Day is upon us – Amazon's annual feast of deals is back and as full of savings as ever, making it the perfect time to pick up tech that you might have been hesitating about for a little while.

Smart home technology is a classic category to get discounts on during sales events like Prime Day, making it more affordable than ever to either get started with a smart home network of devices or to add to an existing one, and EZVIZ has a range of great devices that could be perfect for just that.

Its range of smart home cameras, both internal and external, can help you to create a security network around your home that'll be a great reassurance. We've brought together four of the very best EZVIZ deals on right now, for you to take advantage of this Prime Day.

EZVIZ C3N Smart Security Camera Outdoor

Few things deter criminality or unsavoury behaviour quite like a security camera, which is why having one on the outdoors of your house can be so useful. There are loads of other benefits, too, of course, including just being able to check up on areas outside, whether because your kids are playing there or to double-check that the bins were collected, or any number of other reasons.

This camera from EZVIZ is perfect for all those cases and records crystal-clear 1080p video to make sure that you can easily make out whatever's going on. It's got waterproofing to make sure the weather can't affect it, as well as colour night-vision mode and motion-detection that'll both ensure you get recordings of any critical moments. Best of all, it's got a chunky 31% discount for Prime Day, making it a great pick right now.

EZVIZ CTQ3W Outdoor Security Camera

If you've already got a smart home, or want to use a voice assistant as a key cog in your plan for connected living, you might want to consider the slightly more fully-featured CTQ3W, which is a really similar camera but has a few upgrades. Not least of all, it'll work with both Alexa and Google Assistant to make sure that you can really easily start a recording or check on an area.

You also get brilliant 1080p video, and an extended night vision range that'll cover 30 metres, to make sure that nothing can lurk in the shadows to escape scrutiny. It's a really compelling package, and a massive 39% discount means it's pretty much the same price as the camera above, too.

EZVIZ CTQ2C Home Security Camera

You might be more interested, though, in seeing what's going on inside your home – especially if you have some more remote parts of your home that it'd be convenient to check up on easily. That's where an indoor camera can be really useful, without needing the same weather-proofing that you'd like outside. The CTQ2C is a great little camera from EZVIZ that has a more laid-back look, to fit into your decor more subtly.

It still packs in superb 1080p video, though, ensuring that everything is captured in crisp detail, and two-way audio means it can also be a really effective intercom, or even a baby monitor if you've got a new young one that you're anxious to keep an eye on.

EZVIZ CTQ6C Security Camera

Our final camera is another great option for indoor security and is a little beefier than the previous option, all because of its special feature – motion tracking. The camera can pan and tilt to follow motion around a room, making it the perfect choice if you've got slightly bigger spaces that you'd like it to monitor.

Simply pop the CTQ6C in a corner and it can rotate up to 340 degrees to keep track of things, plus 180 degrees of vertical movement to make sure that even activity up high or down low on the floor can be recorded. Plus, two-way audio, 1080p video quality and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant are all on board as well, making it a really versatile camera for inside your home.

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