CES 2023 continues with smart home accessory outfit Eve announcing a raft of products including Matter sensors and a new kit for making blinds smart.

Eve kicks things off with a new Eve Motion sensor as well as an Eve Door and Window sensor, both built with Matter in mind. The former can alert you when something moves, while the latter sensors are built to be attached to doors or windows and can tell when they're open or closed.

A final Matter-certified product comes in the form of Eve Energy, a new plug that can be used to monitor how much energy a specific device or appliance is using at any moment. And because all of these devices support Matter out of the box you can use them with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings just fine.

Eve has also taken the wraps off the MotuionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds. Undoubtedly a long name, the product itself is designed to help people turn their existing roller blinds into new, smarter versions without any need for wiring or fancy technical jargon. Everything that anyone could need is included in the box, as is HomeKit support.

That new blind transformation kit will sell for $199.95 when it goes on sale on March 28, while the Eve Energy accessory will cost $39.95. The motion-sensing bits of kit will sell for $49.95, we're told. All of those sensors will go on sale in March via Eve's website and Amazon.

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