Ankers smart home brand, Eufy, is at CES 2022 in Las Vegas introducing its unique take on video doorbells: A new dual-camera doorbell.

Called the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual, it's unlike most video doorbells available right now because it has two cameras instead of one. It packs a 2K camera up top to capture the face and body of your visitor and a second 1080p camera at the bottom to view any packages left at your door.

The downward-facing 1080p camera has a 120-degree field of view, while the 2K camera can see as wide as 160 degrees.

The doorbell has dual motion detection, which uses radar and PIR technology in order to accurately detect people over motion and potentially prevent false alerts. It also sports artificial intelligence capabilities specifically for detecting packages and recognising your friends and family.

The idea is, with two cameras, there should be less of a blind spot, allowing you to have a wider view so you can see not only people but their surroundings. The battery-powered doorbell costs $260 and includes the required Homebase 2, though Eufy said a standalone version is coming for those who already own the hub. Eufy also has a hardwired dual-camera doorbell in development.

There is no required monthly subscription fee to use the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual. In fact, when paired with a Eufy hub (HomeBase 2), you get 16GB of local storage, which Eufy said should provide up to 90 days of video recording. The doorbell itself should last six months on a charge.

Finally, it will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home platforms. It's scheduled to release next month on 8 February 2022.

While at CES 2022, Eufy also announced a new Eufy Security Garage-Control Cam and the Cam Plus. These are all-in-one garage door controller and camera solutions designed to surveil your garage and top remotely open and close your garage door. The Garage-Control Cam offers 1080p video and can control one door, while the Cam Plus has 2K video and can control up to two doors.

They both need to be hardwired.

They can pair with door sensors to detect your door and can send an alert if you forget to close it when you leave home. Eufy also offers geofencing, so you can set your garage door to open or close as you come and go. Both models can tell the difference between humans, vehicles, and motion using on-device AI, and they don’t require a Eufy hub. They both offer 32GB of local storage using an SD card.

There are no monthly cloud storage fees, and you get 24/7 continuous recording. If any of that interests you, the Garage-Control Cam will cost $99 when it releases, while and the Garage-Control Cam Plus will be $129.

Both are set to launch in March 2022.

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