Black Friday may be just around the corner, but we’re here with an impressive Thanksgiving offer. Before the madness of Black Friday begins, Yeedi is offering its robot vacuums at some awesome prices that you really shouldn’t miss out on.

Now’s the perfect time to buy yourself a brand-new robot vacuum to take care of your floors without you having to worry about it. Plus, once you have the Yeedi run all over your home, the floors will look so much better.

Yeedi’s robot vacuums are going on sale and the discounts are quite impressive, so we’re going to jump in and check them all out!

Enjoy Yeedi’s Thanksgiving Day sale

This Thanksgiving Day, Yeedi is allowing you to save hundreds of dollars on their awesome robot vacuums. They have quite a few models available, each with its own great features, so it just depends on your budget and your needs.

There you have it! How awesome are these discounts?! You can save up to $240 on a Yeedi robot vacuum this Thanksgiving Day and we recommend you take these deals!

Get the perfect gift

We know we all use Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all these sale events to stock up on Christmas gifts. Well, let us tell you something: no one will get mad if they receive a robot vacuum as a gift. A regular vacuum will be problematic, but a robot vacuum should go over well since there’s very little effort involved on the receiver’s part.

Now, the Yeedi Vac is the cheapest option on our list right now, but it’s still one powerful vacuum. With a 3000Pa suction power and smart visual mapping navigation, this is a tool you want to help you around the house. You can even use this vacuum with the app, schedule cleaning jobs, set down virtual boundaries, and even edit the house map when needed.

The Yeedi Vac is the base option, so the other robot vacuums from Yeedi’s line just keep getting better and better.

Keep your eye on Yeedi this Thanksgiving

We know Thanksgiving Day is packed with family time, but just pop open the Amazon app, throw the Yeedi in the cart and buy it whenever you have a breather. Thank us later.

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