Dyson has updated its vacuum range with a new flagship model called the V15 Detect. The vacuum has been on sale in the US for a while for $699, but has now also gone on sale in the UK for £599.


The unique thing about this cordless vacuum cleaner is that it adds a laser dust detection system, or a green light, that highlights all the dust on your floors so you can really clean them.

The company placed the laser at such an exact angle so that you can even spot dirt normally unseen by the naked eye. When you run the vacuum over a section, the laser will help you determine whether you've left any grime behind on the floor.

There are also two anti-tangle attachments, so it can deal with human or pet hair easily.

The new model, which sits above 2019’s V11, features the same LCD display as before, but this time it displays how the dust is actually composed – thanks to a new acoustic piezo sensor and microprocessor.

The new hardware monitors the air intake to determine both the size and quantity of the dust being sucked up and then all that data is sent to the display and the main motor to automatically increase the power and suction if necessary.

You can also see the vacuum mode and remaining battery life.

You can read our V15 Detect Absolute review right here on Pocket-lint. We said in our verdict that "this cordless vacuum cleaner is the best-of-the-best – and therefore is priced as such. If you want the finest cleaner around then look no further – but be prepared to pay for it."

Dyson V15 Detect joins the larger Dyson Outsize (following on from the V11 Outsize) and the Dyson Omni-glide. Both of these other models have been announced in the US but it's only the V15 Detect that's been announced for the UK at present.

Here's a video of James Dyson giving a tour of the new V15 Detect Absolute:

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