Dyson has launched into a couple of new areas recently, straying from its original cleaning category into haircare, with the Corrale, Supersonic and Airwrap.

While we're seeing updates to its fans and cleaners, there's another category that Dyson might be about to venture into: oral hygiene.

Patents for a "dental treatment device" from Dyson have been stacking up over the past few years, but nothing has come to light so far in terms of an actual product release.

It's an obvious category for Dyson to move into, given that electric toothbrushes are motor driven and Dyson seems keen on personal care.

So what makes the Dyson toothbrush different?

Rather than just wanting to clean your teeth, the patents outline a system that includes a fluid reservoir. This will mean it can perform the function of two oral health devices – the toothbrush and the water flosser.

The brushing side of things sounds like every other electric toothbrush out there: a movable head that can rotate or vibrate driven by a motor in the handle. So far so normal.

But the patent description goes on to describe a "fluid delivery system", as well as the chamber system that you'll use to refill the fluid.

The delivery of the fluid is interesting, because the patent talks about either pressing a button to get a squirt of water, or having the head detect a change so it can automatically provide a water jet as you move between teeth, effectively flossing your teeth as it moves over the gaps.

There's lots of information in the patents, with filings as recent as April 2021, suggesting that there's a lot of work underway on this new product category.

When might Dyson release its electric toothbrush? That's something we don't know. While the patents make for interesting reading, there's no indication of if or when this invention will come to market.

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