Dyson has announced three new vacuums in the UK – Outsize Absolute, Micro 1.5kg and Omni-glide. All three cleaners have already been available in the US for a while – no, we're not sure why the UK is behind the curve, either.

Firstly, the Outsize Absolute is a beefed-up version of the also recently announced V15 Detect Absolute.

It's even more costly, but it has twice the run time (120 minutes), a twice as big dirt bin, extra tools and a larger cleaning head. Essentially, it's for much larger homes and is a follow-up to the V11 Outsize (we're not sure why it isn't called V15 this time).


There's also a version with even more tools called the Outsize Complete (seemingly known as the Absolute+ in the US). Crucially both versions include the Laser Detect head from the V15.

Then there are two mini vacs intended for hard floors in smaller homes. The Dyson Micro 1.5kg (yep, that's its weight) is a completely trimmed down cleaner, while the Omni-glide is a slightly larger model (read our Dyson Omni-glide review) which has an omnidirectional cleaning head. Both can be used in handheld mode, too, as you'd expect.

Both of these cleaners have a short 20 minute run time so they're designed for quick, straightforward cleans. The disadvantage with this is that they take a while to charge – over three hours.

Both the Outsize and Micro are available to order from today, while the Omniglide is out in July.

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