Dolby Atmos support is coming to the original Apple HomePod in the coming weeks according to Apple via a software update.

The new feature confirmed at the same time the company announced a newer smaller HomePod mini, will take advantage of the bigger speaker's ability to create a virtual soundstage.


Users who connect their HomePod to the Apple TV will be able to benefit from the feature on all Dolby Atmos content.

Currently, users are only able to create a stereo, virtual 5.1 or virtual 7.1 sound experience, but the new update will add virtual Dolby Atmos support to the mix.

And users only need one HomePod, although Apple has confirmed that having two HomePod speakers connected as a stereo pair will make for a better, more immersive experience.

The original HomePod will also benefit from a number of new software features announced for the HomePod mini, including the new apple Intercom feature that will allow users to talk through the HomePod via the "Apple Announce" system for iOS to save shouting at the top of their voice that dinner is on the table.

Sadly, the new Dolby Atmos feature won't be coming to the newly announced HomePod mini.

Users will still be able to pair two HomePod mini speakers to create a stereo pair, however, the new speaker isn't powerful enough to create the virtual sound stage for movies or offer Dolby Atmos support.

The new HomePod mini will however come with a new feature that utilises Apple's U1 chip to allow a more seamless handoff between U1 supported iPhones (iPhone 11 Pro and up) and the speaker.


The new HomePod mini is available to pre-order from Friday 6 November and will cost $99 in the US and £99 in the UK. It will start shipping the week commencing the 16 November.

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