The Next Hub Max, Google's largest smart display, finally has a release date. Or so we think it does.

Google seems to have quietly revealed the Nest Hub Max will launch on 9 September in the US, UK, and Australia. Droid-Life first spotted the date on a support page, but that page now shows "coming soon" instead. We contacted Google for a comment and will update when we learn more.

Announced at I/O 2019, the $229 device has a 10-inch display that's much bigger than the existing Nest Hub. Another key feature of the Nest Hub Max is that it can auto-adjust the display's white balance to make it appear as though you're looking at a print photo whenever it shows you images. You can also control your smart home with it, watch YouTube, and talk to Google Assistant.

It also uniquely has a camera for video chats, along with stereo speakers. In our hands-on review of the device, we said the Nest Hub Max makes a great addition to Google's collection of home devices, bringing a great new screen and a whole host of new features with the addition of a camera. While the core design and Assistant remain great, this is a much more fully-featured device.

Keep in mind, when Google debuted the device, it also revealed it would rebrand its smart home product range under the Nest brand name.

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