It can get a little boring sitting at home in the same environment over and over again, with the same old lighting. Whether you've got a bulb that offers bright LED light or an older, warmer light, it's easy to imagine how much more variety you could have.

That's where smart lighting can be a real asset, and some of the best on the market are made by Daybetter. Its LED Strip Light is a perfect addition to any home theatre or gaming setup and can bring an extra bit of atmosphere to almost any environment. Find out what makes it so special right here.

1. Amazing colourful LEDs

The core of the Daybetter system is its superb Strip Light, which lets you stick a strip of high-quality LEDs wherever you like in your home. They're extremely easy to set up and use, as the above video demonstrates, and can bring a splash of colour that can turn any room into a whole new world.

You can choose from the whole range of colours, and the package comes with a remote to make this even easier, letting you create scenes that are perfect for different environments, whether you're settling in for a romantic dinner or having company around to watch a movie.

2. Amazing control

That remote isn't the only way to control your lights, though – not even close! You can also use the Tuya Smart app to set your colour schemes on your smartphone, or the control box to do so directly. You can set up timers and scenes to activate on the fly, and explore the full range of more than 16 million different colour options.

Plus, Daybetter's system can easily integrate with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to let you control your lights using your voice, which makes turning them on or off, and changing their colour, super easy with simple voice commands. You can even adjust the lights' brightness to change how things are looking!

3. Sync it up

Another amazing feature makes the Daybetter Strip Light perfect for parties – it has a built-in microphone, which is something that few similar systems can match. This lets it use a sync mode when you're playing music to adapt to the rhythm and pulse accordingly.

This means you can have an amazing dancefloor vibe at home, with lighting that shifts and changes with the beat, and it'll be sure to impress your guests.

4. Built to last

It's all well and good to consider the brilliant lighting that the Strip Light could enable you to set up in your home, but it's equally impressive that they're built to a high quality so that you can rely on that lighting lasting for ages.

The LEDs on the strip are of the highest quality to ensure that the lights get as bright as possible, and they're also rated to last for a massive 50,000 hours, so it could be a lifetime before you need to think about replacing them.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you might want to consider picking up a Daybetter Strip Light, but we've got one more bonus to check out – right now, you can use the coupon code H5XKZABP on Amazon to get a brilliant deal and take the price of the bundle down from $35.99 to just $15.19 – a brilliant saving that makes it all the more attractive.

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