Cygnett is bringing its Wi-Fi bulbs and smart plug to the UK. There's also a bulb adapter for use with existing setups, as well as a new smartphone app to control it all – Cygnett Smart.

Cygnett's bulbs are compatible with the main voice assistants – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – as well as Apple's HomeKit. So you'll be able to ask one of the assistants to turn your gear on and off (including Siri should you use HomeKit with the Home app on iOS and macOS).

The company says that in October it will expand the range with a control hub and IR blaster, down lights, LED strip lightning and control buttons. They'll also be a range of sensors, including motion, temperature and humidity, door and window.

That'll drastically expand the range and we're interested in particular to see how the strip lights are priced.

Also check out our guide to smart lighting where we check out all the best smart bulbs and other lighting solutions currently available. We've also got a guide to the best smart plugs for control using Alexa, Google Asistant or HomeKit, too.

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