Anyone who was a child in the 80s/early 90s will no doubt remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books – they were our equivalent of Fortnite.

Now two of them have been given a new lease of life thanks to Amazon and its Audible service and Alexa-enabled devices.

The Abominable Snowman and Journey Under The Sea, written by R.A. Montgomery and from 1982 and 79 respectively, have been recreated in their entirety to work through an Alexa skill. What's more, you don't need to have an Audible subscription to play them.

You just download the skill through the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, enable it and you can introduce the much-loved series to your kids.

Chapters read out through an Amazon Echo or other Alexa device and you get to choose what happens from the options at the end of each.

Alexa will remember your position in the story too, so you can leave and revisit later, picking up where you left off.

There are 28 different endings to discover in The Abominable Snowman and a whopping 42 in Journey Under the Sea, so plenty of replay value in both.

The official Choose Your Own Adventure skill is available in the US and UK now.

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