Over the past couple of years, smart technological innovations have reduced the time we spend cleaning and maintaining our homes. But even advanced cleaning appliances and robot vacuum cleaners can’t completely solve some problems, such as wet garbage. Most people need a combination of different household appliances and technologies to deep clean their homes completely. But what if you could get your hands on a smart floor cleaner that integrated sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping capabilities?

That’s precisely where the Uwant X100 all-in-one floor cleaner comes into the picture.

Uwant is an innovative home appliance brand focused on smart cleaning. Uwant is driven by the singular goal to help consumers maintain clean and healthy homes without spending extended periods on household chores. The Uwant X100 is a floor cleaner that integrates sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping features, allowing you to dislodge, suction away, and clean the hardest of stains, including wet garbage, such as jams, milk, eggs, and noodles.

Uwant is currently offering a massive discount on its products. The Uwant X100 is originally priced at $499, but right now you can claim an 18 per cent discount with coupon code X100LAUNCH. That means you can grab this all-in-one floor cleaner for only $407.55. If you’re interested in simplifying household maintenance and cleaning, please continue reading an overview of Uwant X100’s unique features and capabilities.

Deep clean floors without leaving watermarks

Traditional floor cleaning solutions can be inefficient and ineffective against tough stains, such as spilled milk, broken eggs, spaghetti, etc. And most mopping solutions leave watermarks on the floor, which can be pretty hard to remove completely. But Uwant X100 is equipped with double roller brushes that can deep clean your floors without watermarks. Furthermore, the front and rear dual power assist features allow you to clean floors with minimal effort.

The patented front and rear double roller brush design ensures that the brushes go over the stains twice with one swipe. With one swipe of the floor cleaner, you can immediately remove dry and wet stains and messes. The front brush uses water to scrub away the wet stains, and the dry back brush removes the water stains left by the front brush. That means you can remove all stains without leaving watermarks.

Let’s say you have a dirty bathroom with water stains, hair strands, and dirt from footprints. You can simply push the front brush forward with one finger, rotate it backward, and pull the rear brush forward – all of the stains are instantly removed, and the floor is left dry and clean. Thanks to this innovative design, you can easily operate the floor cleaner with one finger, dragging it forward and backwards to remove all stains.

Self-cleaning floor cleaner – no manual maintenance

Traditional floor cleaners, vacuums, and mops need constant manual maintenance. You have to disassemble the machine, clean all its internal parts, and put it back together, which can take quite some time. And if you don’t clean the device regularly, it stops functioning efficiently and may even get damaged. However, Uwant X100 makes manual cleaning of the floor cleaner a thing of the past because it’s equipped with powerful self-cleaning mechanisms.

Once you’re done cleaning the mess, you can place the Uwant X100 floor cleaner on the base and start the self-cleaning process with one button. The device automatically absorbs the impurities on the roller brush and releases water to scrape the dirt off the roller brush, pipes, and base. Within 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the floor cleaner has thoroughly cleaned itself, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Cut off and remove hair strands tangled on the brush

Removing hair is one of the biggest challenges with traditional cleaning methods. Whether you’re using a manual vacuum cleaner and mop or a smart cleaning device, hair strands often get tangled on the brushes. Once the hair is entangled, it can block the machine and lead to systemic failures. Most people must either brush away the hair strands before using traditional cleaning devices or manually remove hair from the brushes.

The Uwant X100 floor cleaner has a patented hair-cutting feature that eliminates the need for manual maintenance. When you initiate self-cleaning, the device automatically starts cutting the hairs wrapped around the brush. The hair strands are immediately cut off the brushes, following which the brush is thoroughly cleaned. Whether you’re worried about long human hair or pet hair, this floor cleaner ensures you never have to untangle pieces of hair yourself.

Enough battery life for large homes

Traditional vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners have a battery life of 20 to 30 minutes, which is generally insufficient for large homes. A battery life of 20 to 30 minutes might be alright for small houses with one or two bedrooms, but they’re not nearly enough for homes with multiple rooms and floors. You need a floor cleaner with enough battery power for multiple layers of cleaning in large homes, so you’re not constantly going back and forth recharging and cleaning.

The Uwant X100 uses eight 4,000mAh 21700 high energy density batteries with an input voltage of 28.8V*4Ah and a storage capacity of 115Wh. But what does that mean? The 21700 battery has a superior capacity compared to traditional 18650 batteries, so you have increased battery life. The Uwant X100 can last for 44 minutes at a stretch, making it suitable for 300 square-metre homes. Furthermore, the entire floor cleaner can be charged completely within three hours.

Automatically adjust the water flow and suction force

When cleaning stains and dirt, you need to use the right amount of water and suction. If you use too much water, you may leave watermarks on the floor. But if you don’t use enough water, you might not remove all the stains and dirt. But how can you tell exactly how much water you need for each type of stain and debris? The Uwant X100 takes all the guesswork out of cleaning your floors.

The Uwant X100 has an inbuilt infrared sensor that automatically detects the degree of contamination of the roller brushes. After evaluating the degree of contamination, it adjusts the water flow and suction force for optimal efficiency and reliability. When placed in smart mode, the floor cleaner automatically adjusts the suction water volume and displays the details on the screen, allowing you to handle the floor cleaner without a care.

Grab a discount of X per cent on the Uwant X100

Uwant X100 is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful floor cleaner that combines the capabilities of traditional vacuum cleaners, mops, and sweepers. The Uwant X100 floor cleaner is originally priced at $499. But Uwant is offering a limited-time discount of 18 per cent with code X100LAUNCH, which decreases the price to only $407.55. If you’re interested in cleaning all kinds of household stains and messes with one smart floor cleaner, you better grab that deal while it’s still available!

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