One of the best selling smart home cameras in the US is making its way to UK shores.

The Canary View, which is strikingly similar in appearance to the Canary All-in-One, is an affordable 1080p smart home camera with premium features.


This camera is built to combine high-quality features and specifications with a much more affordable price tag.

It boasts a 1080p, 147-degree wide-angle lens, automatic night vision mode, an AI-powered person detection system and up to 30-days of video storage.

The Canary View is designed with a minimalist aesthetic to blend into your home while protecting your loved ones from unwanted guests. It stands at just 15cm tall and is designed to integrate nicely with your home.

The company is also keen to point out that this smart home camera is also built with privacy in mind. Both the camera and microphone can be turned off with a quick and easy to use privacy mode if you don't want the device running while you're at home.

The cloud storage for video data is also encrypted and Canary says it uses similar security standards to those used by online banking systems.

Add to this some compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home and you've got a pretty nifty little smart home camera.

This camera is launching in the UK this July and is available with a special deal at launch. Purchase a year's worth of Premium Service Plan for £79 and you get 30-days of video storage and the camera for free.

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