Amazon announced that it was going to make big discounts to Echo devices early November and now the day has come: there's big discounts across all of the Echo devices.

The most popular deal is likely to be on the Echo Dot with Clock for $34.99. This is a great addition to the Echo family, giving you all the skills of the Dot, but with a digital clock to show you the time. The deal saves you $25.

The regular Echo Dot has been discounted to $22 which is a saving of $27.99. The Dot is really popular as it's sounds great, looks great and easily adds Alexa to any room. This is a great Black Friday deal.

If you're more interested in room-filling music, then the third-gen Amazon Echo is now just $59.99, saving you $40. This is a great speaker, not just because of the huge discount, but because it sounds great for the price. It's the best Echo that Amazon has ever made and Black Friday is the best time to buy it.

These are just some of the deals that Amazon is offering. Now that its device discounts are all live, there's plenty to choose from. You can find the best Amazon US Black Friday deals right here, or you can look at the best prices for all the Echo devices right here.

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