Arlo has announced its latest security camera, dubbed the Pro 5S 2K. It'll cost $249.99 and links into the existing Arlo Home Security System.

The new camera makes use of the security system that Arlo already also and brings plenty to the party. That includes support for 2K video recording with HDR as well as a built-in spotlight and siren for those times when you need to make your presence felt.

It's also part of that larger product, with the Home Security System supported via a SecureLink connection. Arlo says that ensures a solid connection even during power and internet outages.

Speaking of power, Arlo also claims that the Pro 5S 2K camera is food for up to 30% longer battery life than the Arlo Pro 4, with an all-new low-power mode designed to make it possible to charge the thing less often.

Other notable features include a 160-degree viewing angle, colour night vision, and two-way audio in case you need to speak with someone. Arlo has also given the Pro 5S 2K support for both 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi so you can expect a stronger connection than some other models which is always good news for those with larger homes.

If that all sounds like something that you want to affix to your home, you can. It's going on sale for $249.99 starting December 6 and will be available at Best Buy and through the Arlo website, we're told. You'll even get to choose between black and white colours when placing your order as well.

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