Arlo – best known for its range of home security cameras – could be on the verge of releasing a video doorbell to rival the Nest Hello.

Arlo currently has a doorbell product in its line-up, but rather strangely, it doesn't include video – it's an audio doorbell that can send notifications to your Arlo app or be used as part of an Arlo system, triggering capture from a companion device – like one of Arlo's cameras.

With devices like Ring Video Doorbell proving hugely popular, it was always strange that a company known for video then made a device that didn't do video.

Reports from zatznotfunny suggest that the missing link is indeed on its way. There's no indication of when it might launch, but a good quality image has appeared, along with claims that this doorbell will offer 2-megapixel wide angle camera along with audio.

But, like Nest Hello, it looks like this video doorbell will be a wired solution, needed to be connected to existing wiring to provide it with power. That's something of a disadvantage when it comes to installation compared to Ring's battery-powered alternative, but it does mean that you don't have to change the battery and it can potentially offer you more smart options.

Nest Hello, for example, can afford to be a lot more aggressive with HDR and AI, because it doesn't have to worry about preserving battery life – and it might be that Arlo is going down the same route, looking to use the same sort of options offered through its Arlo Smart subscriptions.

The Arlo doorbell will likely just interface directly with the Arlo app, suggesting there should be some inter-play with Google Assistant and Alexa, but it's unknown whether you'll be able to get direct video feeds straight to those devices when someone rings the bell.

There's no telling what the price would be, but with the Arlo Audio Doorbell costing £80, we suspect it will be priced close to Nest Hello at around £230.

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