The Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell brings a serious advantage to your front door – it adds audio capability, so you can talk to whoever is at your front door, making for a smarter experience.

Bundled together with a plug-in Chime, Amazon has cut the price to £89.99, saving you over £26 – and the cheapest this bundle has been.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell doesn't do video like Ring does, but the audio experience is better. When someone rings the doorbell you can take that as a call on your phone – meaning there's no lag, so you can talk naturally, which you can't do with many video devices.

The Chime means that you'll get a normal ring in your home too when someone is at the door.

The Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell is designed to integrate with existing Arlo devices and you'll need a hub to connect it all up – what's why it doesn't have video too – because you'll likely have an Arlo camera already covering the front of your home.

This deal will only run for the day, so if you want this discount, move fast. If you'd rather grab a Ring Video Doorbell 2, those are also on sale for £119 for Black Friday.

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