Arlo has announced a new model of video doorbell in its Essential range, and this version of the doorbell ditches the wires.

Arlo already has a video doorbell, but it needed to be connected to existing wiring to get it to work. For many, that's a barrier to installation if you don't already have that in place, because that's likely to cost you more than the doorbell itself.

The new Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a video doorbell that will connect directly to your Wi-Fi and can run on a rechargeable battery.

It maintains a 180 degree viewing angle and a 1:1 aspect, designed to let you see more of what's happening on your doorstep.

Alerts will come directly through to your phone where you'll be able to see who's at the door as well as have a two-way conversation with that person. You will also have the option to use pre-recorded replies, so you can tell visitors what to do if you can't answer that ring in person.

Like other Arlo products there will be motion alerts, night vision and HDR support, while it will also integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

There will also be an Arlo Chime launching in 2021 which will also connect directly to Wi-Fi, so you're not dependent on your phone, your doorbell can just ring the Chime in your house.

The Arlo Essentail Wire-Free Video Doorbell will be compatible with Arlo Smart, unlocking those AI features like animal or package detection, for a monthly fee.

The Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell is launching first in the US, with pre-orders opening at retailers such as Best Buy and deliveries expected in time for the holiday period. It will cost $199.99.

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